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Examination chair SK3030


General use stationary chair. Antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal protection.Perfect for any examination, blood collection, dermatological or other use.
Fixed height – seat surface to 55 cm.
Simultaneous or independent tilt back from 850 to 00 degrees.
Easy to move by using GAS-SPRING to assist in downloading & uploading.
Contemporary design for multi-level use.
Anatomical surface strewn with quality artificial leather in a variety of colors.
Easily converted to a donation by adding special brackets for easy variation of the height and the slope with arms polyurethane.
It can easily be used as a selection dermatological or gynecological chair using a pair of footrests with foam friendly to skin and specific clamps.
These characteristics make the chair easy for staff, comfortable for the patient, with emphasis on ease of use and stability of the structure.
Dimensions: 170x55x55 cm in spread.